As a company, we've been attending Inspired Training's excellent Group Training circuits for the past 6 months. In this short time we've seen a marked improvement in the teams overall health and fitness. We're more focussed, have more energy and are 100% motivated.

As a business, our aim was to build a healthy, active, fighting fit team - Leighton has helped us achieve this goal with amazing results.


I have now shed seven stone and am much fitter, healthier and happier. I am half way to my goal, having fun and have been "inspired" on the "journey" so far.

before and after image of Caroline Chew

Inspired PT lives up to its name in every way! From the very first consultation to planned workout programmes and dietary advice for this extremely overweight and unfit client. Delivering quiet but confident encouragement from a trainer who works in a very subtle way consistently boosting ones self esteem without ever in any way making reference to size or ability to exercise. By increasing the level of activity accordingly, little by little, making you realise that you are on your way to achieving your goals, whatever they may be!

Caroline Chew


Over the years I have been a member of several different gyms and have also attended lots of different fitness classes because I have always been interested in keeping fit, active and healthy. 5 years ago a small private gym studio set up locally to me and naturally I went along to check it out - best thing I ever did!

Within a year of Leighton training me I was running the London Marathon for the first time. I would happily recommend him to anyone that is interested in improving their fitness or training for a major event.  He is an excellent personal trainer and knows how to achieve brilliant results and keep you motivated."

Alyson Anstey

image of Ronnie Foster in snow

Inspired Training Studio's are fantastically well equipped with all the latest fitness apparatus you could ever want. Couple this with top trainer Leighton Bentley and great results are guaranteed.  Leighton trained me recently for an epic adventure challenge. I was raising money for the charity Leukeamia Care and needed to be superfit to run with husky dogs across Antartica. My goals were set and accomplished and without doubt first class coaching has helped me to atain this."

Ronnie Foster