We understand everyone is different and work with you to assess your goals, set targets, and motivate you every step of the way. Whatever your needs we can help you achieve your ambitions in a friendly, non- intimidating environment.

Personal Training

A safe, effective programme will be developed for you - you will see the results for yourself. We won’t let you down; we provide you with the tools to make effective changes for the long term.

Some people ask why they need a personal trainer when they already go to the gym. The answer is that although many people do exercise at a gym, they may not be exercising correctly so don’t always achieve the best results they could. A personal trainer ensures exercises are done effectively.

Your one-to-one sessions can take place at your usual gym or one of two brand new Inspired Studios. The Inspired Studios offer a totally private session in a fully commercial state-of-the-art gym boasting Life Fitness and Technogym equipment.

Wherever you choose to train, the sessions will take place at a convenient time for you.